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A Car Shopping Plan For Holiday Weekends

Most car dealers offer some money-saving deals around the holidays. Otherwise, brand new cars Bangladesh is not as affordable as most people want to be. So if you are looking to purchase a car anytime soon, you can check out these agreeable deals...

How to negotiate car prices in bangladesh

How To Negotiate Car Prices In Bangladesh

Negotiating for a new car price in Bangladesh can seem comical, especially for an amateur going against a team of professionals. But by setting the ground rules in advance, you can level the playing field.

The best time to buy a new car

The Best Time To Buy A New Car

Is there a right time to buy brand new cars in Bangladesh? Yes, definitely.  There are times that will get you a money-saving deal than any other time of the year. A good salesperson will give you multiple reasons to buy a brand new car today...

Top 8 most popular brand new cars in bangladesh

Top 8 Most Popular Brand New Cars In Bangladesh

To keep up with our modern life, a car is a must. That’s why brand new budget-friendly cars like Mitsubishi Attrage, Xpander, Eclipse Cross are among the most popular cars in Bangladesh.  This article is the ultimate guide to finding the right...

What car is the right option for you?

What Car Is The Right Option For You?

What Car Is The Right Option For You? With cars getting more utilitarian in every single aspect of modern life, some brand new affordable cars like Mitsubishi Xpander, Attrage, or Eclipse are getting more popular in the market. Even though these...



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