Top Tech Tips For Car Maintenance For Brand New Cars Bangladesh For The Changing Seasons

As the season changes the condition of your car components needs to be maintained to adjust to the changing roads. To keep your vehicle running smoothly with the changing season, we have come up with top tech tips for your brand new cars Bangladesh. 

The 1st Car Maintenance Tip For Brand New Cars Is To Check The Tires: 

Whether you choose all-season tires for your brand new car or switch between summer and winter tires, you need to make sure everything lines up well to ensure a smooth driving experience. For seasonal car maintenance for brand new cars Bangladesh, tires are the most critical parts because they change as the seasons change. 

Tires are the only part of your car that’s in contact with the road. So their maintenance is crucial for your safety. You may consider switching between summer and winter tires depending on how and where you drive. 

In Bangladesh, the weather during winter isn’t as adverse as in western countries. So you should concentrate on getting tires that suit the summer season. You should choose tougher and harder rubber compounds that can withstand the hot temperature and offer excellent road grip and handling when driving. 

Aside from the change of tires for different seasons, you also need to perform regular rotation and alignment. By rotating regularly you can ensure the treads on your tires are even which helps to extend the lifespan of your tires.

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Brand new mitsubishi xpander

Brand new mitsubishi xpander

Another Car Maintenance Tip For Brand New Cars Is Changing Oil:

One of the best ways to keep your engine up and running is changing oil or oil filters at the right intervals. During summer and spring, dusty roads, and mud can impact the health of your car more intensely. To avoid excessive dust and debris in your vehicle, it’s important that you change your oil filter at the right time. 

Dirty oil over time can increase heat and result in faster fluid depletion in your vehicle. When you don’t change your oil at least twice a year, it makes it sticky and clumpy. Hence, you won’t be able to start your car smoothly anymore. 

Delaying to change the oil will lead to higher fuel consumption, severe damage to the engine, and poor performance of the car. Later this will only result in expensive repair or replacement. 

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Checking Fluids Is The 3rd Car Maintenance Tip For Brand New Cars :

It’s crucial that you pay attention to your car’s other fluids. Low or dirty vehicle fluids often lead to car breakdown. As the temperature drops, you need to check the antifreeze mixture with a hydrometer. 

If the antifreeze blend is too lean, it can lead your engine to freeze which damages engine blocks and can be quite expensive to repair. That’s why your cooling system should consist of 50% water and 50% antifreeze. When you clean the cooling system keep in mind that you can only touch the cap when the engine is cool or you will get burnt. 

Other than the antifreeze, check the quality of other fluids like brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and sometimes differential fluid. You can either get an auto service from your local car repair or replacement shops or do it yourself at home.

At Mitsubishi Motors, you can get the most affordable car maintenance service. And while you are at it, you can also check out their brand new car collections at the best vehicle price in Bangladesh.  

Brand new attrage mitsubishi bangladesh

Brand new attrage mitsubishi bangladesh

Rain Check Is Another Car Maintenance Tip For Brand New Cars:

The rainy season in Bangladesh has a great impact on your car. The windshield not working or the hazard lights not running properly are common car maintenance issues you will have to face during this season. Sometimes moisture seeps into the odd places in your car and creates a health hazard for you and your family. 

So to make sure your steering wheels, seats, and gear knobs don’t form any mold, clean your car regularly and keep it dry. The air conditioning in your car helps to regulate the temperature in your car to prevent any mold or mildew growth. So proper air conditioning and functioning defogger is a must for a car maintenance for brand new cars Bangladesh for the changing season. 

Keeping an eye on the body of your car is also quite crucial. Look for signs of rust formation or a damaged coat of paint. You can get your car service at Mitsubishi Motors and also get brand new cars at an affordable vehicle price in Bangladesh. 

The 5th Car Maintenance Tip For Brand New Cars Is Brake Inspections:

During the rainy season in Bangladesh, the slippery road increases the risk of skidding. So ensuring your brakes are in tip-top condition is a must. The moisture can seep into the brake fluid and lead to slow brake responsiveness. To prevent this, schedule a check-in with an auto repair service and check out the condition of your brake pads along with the drum, rotor, and caliper for extra precaution.

To prepare for the changing season, you should change your brake pads once in a while. This way you will have peace of mind that your car will come to a clean stop when you brake. Brake maintenance is just as important in the summer season as it is in the winter. The hot weather can add extra stress to your braking system. 

So before the start of every season, get an inspection to check if your car can withstand the increased wear and dispel the heat well. 

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Heating and Air Conditioning Is Other Car Maintenance Tip For Brand New Cars:

Before the start of every season, get your car’s cooling and heating system checked. It’s frustrating to hop into your car only to find it has turned into a furnace and the air conditioning isn’t cooling fast enough. To have a smooth drive, your vehicle needs to be able to regulate the temperature right away. 

So to prepare for the changing season, check your heaters, fans, front and rear windshield defoggers, and air conditioning. Mitsubishi Motors provide the best car maintenance service at the best price. And their budget-friendly cars also come at an affordable vehicle price in Bangladesh.

Brand new mitsubishi outlander

Brand new mitsubishi outlander

The 7th Car Maintenance Tip For Brand New Cars Bangladesh You Need To Look Out For Is Battery Maintenance:

The battery maintenance of your car is as important as any other car maintenance. And summer is the perfect time to check your battery condition. Check if your battery terminals are clean and rust-free and apply dielectric grease to the terminals to prevent corrosion. And if you notice any corrosion around the posts or cable ends, then you need to immediately remove it. 

The coldness of your winter season will easily slow down the chemical reaction in the battery. So before the cold rolls in, check your battery and its terminal connections. And if your battery is two years old and performs poorly in the cold, it’s time to get it tested.

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Bottom Line: 

Mitsubishi Motors is well-known for its budget-friendly and reliable cars. The more you drive its cars, the more you will appreciate its craftsmanship and expertise. 

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