Attention Mitsubishi Owners:

Mitsubishi owners, especially those who own vehicles manufactured between 1998 and 2016 are requested to pay special attention. Millions of vehicles all around the world have been impacted by a safety recall due to potentially defective Takata airbags. These airbags, located in both the driver’s side and front passenger positions, could malfunction upon deployment, increasing the risk of serious injury or even death.

We at Mitsubishi Motors Bangladesh prioritize your safety above all else. We are addressing this issue head-on by providing a fast, efficient, and free repair service for Mitsubishi vehicles affected by this recall due to the risk posed by these defective airbags. Continue reading to learn more about the Takata airbag recall, how to check if your Mitsubishi is impacted, and the steps involved in getting your vehicle repaired FREE OF CHARGE.


Understanding the Takata Recall

The Takata Recall is a significant global automotive safety issue affecting millions of vehicles. Approximately 67 million Takata air bags have been recalled because these air bags can explode when deployed, causing serious injury or even death. Long-term exposure to high heat and humidity can cause these air bags to explode when deployed. Certain Mitsubishi models has these faulty airbags manufactured by Takata. Mitsubishi Motors Bangladesh is actively addressing this issue to rectify all affected vehicles.

Checking Your Mitsubishi for Recal

To determine if your Mitsubishi is part of the Takata recall, simply find your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and input it here.

If your vehicle is identified as having a faulty Takata airbag, it is critical to address this immediately to prevent potential harm to you and your passengers!

Quick and Easy Recall Resolution

Follow these simple 3 steps to avail your free airbag replacement.

Or reach out directly by calling our hotline at 09617-343536.

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Step One

Submit Your Info

Enter your VIN, email, and phone number.

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Step Two

Schedule an Appointment

Our Service Advisors will help you set up a visit.

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Step Three

Get It Fixed

Bring your vehicle to Rangs Workshop for a FREE-OF-CHARGE repair.


How long does the airbag replacement take?

Typically, the repair process takes between one and two hours, subject to Rangs Workshop’s current schedule.

Should I disable my airbag until it's repaired?

No, it’s safer to keep the airbag operational as it’s more likely to protect you in an accident than cause harm.

Is there a cost for airbag replacement?

No, all Takata airbag replacements are conducted at no cost to the vehicle owner.

What if my airbag was replaced after an accident?

Replacement airbags may also be defective. Please contact Rangs Workshop immediately to verify and possibly replace the airbag if needed.

Finding Your VIN
    • Check the Vehicle Compliance label on your vehicle body.
    • Consult the ‘Vehicle Identification Number’ section in your Owner’s manual.
    • Look on your vehicle’s Blue Book or Tax Token where your VIN is printed.

For the safety of you and your loved ones, please check your vehicle’s status regarding the Takata airbag recall immediately.

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