What You Need To Know About Car Tire Safety And Maintenance Keeping In Mind

The condition of your tires is critical to your safety on the road. Worn tires can lead to serious accidents on road. But with a few car maintenance tips, you can keep your tires safe and save yourself from paying for an expensive repair later. 

Brand New Car Price In Bangladesh: Check Your Tire Pressure At Least Once A Month

Under-inflated tires or over-inflated tires can compromise your tire performance and cause you to be stranded on the side of the road. You need to use a tire pressure gauge to manually check the inflation pressure at least once a month to ensure your tires are properly inflated before any long road trips.

To get the most accurate pressure rating, you must wait a couple of hours after driving. This allows your tires to cool off. If the temperature fluctuates in your area then you need to check your tires more frequently.

Tire pressure increases in warm weather and decreases in cool weather. For every 10 degrees of change in weather, the tire pressure changes at least 1-2 pounds. 

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Brand new mitsubishi xpander

Brand new mitsubishi xpander

Brand New Car Price In Bangladesh: Visually Inspect Your Tires

Checking your tire often is an integral part of tire safety and maintenance. You must inspect every few weeks for excessive wear or damages. You should know that worn-out tires are more likely to get involved in a car crash.

To spot potential problems before it’s too late, you should learn how to identify common tire damage patterns. 

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When your tire is overinflated, the middle portion of the car will come into contact with the road the most. That’s why the central tread will wear out more than the edges of the tires. 


On the other hand, the under-inflation will cause the edges of the tires to wear out faster than the middle of the tires. 

A Single Edge Being Subject To Tread Wear

When your wheels are misaligned, it will affect only a single tire edge causing it to wear out faster than others. 

Inconsistent Tread Wear

Inconsistent tread wear or cupping causes poor wheel balance. So you might need to replace your shock absorbers more often than usual. 

Brand new mitsubishi outlander

Brand new mitsubishi outlander

Raised Sidewall Or Tread Portion

Raised sidewall or tread portion causes separation between the tire carcass belts. 

Unusual Thumping Noises Or Vibrations

Unusual thumping noises or sense vibration means your tire has lost its balance. A panic stop locks the wheels or tires with belts that have been separated. So you need to watch out for that. 

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A Pull Towards A Certain Side

If you notice a pull to a certain side even when you are at a steady driving speed, it means that the tire is either under-inflated on that side or is damaged. But this can also indicate wheel misalignments or brake issues. 

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Keep Your Spare Tire In Tip-top Shape

Don’t avoid inspecting the spare when you are checking your tires for signs of damage. You must ensure it’s properly inflated. Riding around on a flat or near flat tire can damage your car immensely. 

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Brand new l200 mitsubishi bangladesh

Have Your Alignment Checked Every Year

If you notice your vehicle has a shaky steering wheel or pulls to one side then you must immediately check your wheel alignment. Potholes damage your car’s wheel alignments and have a negative ripple effect on your tires. 

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Check And Correct Your Tire Balance

Tire alignment and tire balance are not the same things but they are both extremely important for tire safety and maintenance. Tire balance means the weight distribution of your tires around the car whereas tire alignment indicates the angles at which the tires are situated. 

If you are going at 50 MPH and you experience shaking or vibration, then it means your tires are misaligned or imbalanced. 

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Brand new attrage mitsubishi bangladesh

Brand new attrage mitsubishi bangladesh

Rotate Your Tires At Regular Intervals

Tire safety especially requires you to wear your tire evenly. That’s why rotating your tires at regular intervals is a must. You must rotate your tires at least once every 5000 to 8000 miles. 

Tire rotation at regular intervals helps prevent uneven wear on tires and dangerous accidents or costly repairs. 

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Know When It’s Time For New Tires

Even if you take the best care of your tires, you will eventually need to replace them. Check the depth of your tires regularly to know they are at a safe level. A simple penny test can help you. Insert a penny in between the tread of your tire with the head up. If you can still see the top of the head, then it’s time to replace your tires. 

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