Importance Of Vehicle Inspection Before Buying Brand New Car

To keep up with our city life, a car is a must. And with the rising demand, brand new car price in Bangladesh is also on the rise. That’s why a pre-purchase car inspection is not just essential but more comprehensive than you may think. 

How To Schedule A Vehicle Inspection?

When you are planning to purchase your brand new car, scheduling a vehicle inspection prior to the closing deal is crucial. Ideally, most dealerships allow their potential customers to take the car and get it inspected. But if you see them hesitating, then that’s a sure red flag and you should be buying your car from a different seller. 

In most cases, you are able to borrow your chosen car from the dealership, and drive the vehicle off to where the inspection is scheduled. But if your seller doesn’t allow it, you can always ask them to accompany you to the inspection spot. 

Most buyers prefer mobile inspection but such inspection is not comprehensive as you can’t lift the vehicle to check the ball bearings or any leakages. 

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Brand new xpander exterior

Brand new xpander exterior

Make Sure To Choose A Third-Party Vehicle Inspector

Dealers will always avoid reporting any problems with the cars as getting them repaired will cost them extra money. It’s in their best interest if they can take the money out of your pocket. So no matter how they assure you about the flawlessness of their car, you should always get a third party to inspect the vehicle. 

Most mechanics are only interested in repairing the car rather than inspecting it thoroughly. Therefore, you should find a professional car inspector with keen eyes and focused on their task. During the inspection, the vehicle must be lifted and once the examination is done, you must take it out for a test drive. 

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Get A Well-Documented And Thorough Inspection Report

In the old days, vehicle inspection was merely a paper lined with various checkmarks. But in today’s world, the automotive industry prioritizes transparency over everything else. So obtaining a high-quality inspection report from an equally high-quality inspection company is quite easy. 

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Brand new xpander mitsubishi

Brand new xpander mitsubishi

Buying A Classic Car Inspection Checklist

This classic car inspection checklist will help you to get a full picture of the vehicle you’re shopping for:

  1. Check the VIN number.
  2. Check for original parts.
  3. If you’re buying a used car, check the car’s history and maintenance records.
  4. Check for interior or exterior damage.
  5. Examine the condition of the major parts.

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Brand new mitsubishi outlander

Brand new mitsubishi outlander

How Do I Check A Classic Car’s VIN?

A vehicle identification number or VIN is a 17-digit code uniquely identifying a car. Usually, a car’s VIN is on the driver’s side dashboard and at the base of the windshield or on a sticker inside the door jamb of the driver’s door. 

If you can’t find it there, here are a few places to look for it: 

  1. The wheel arch of the front driver’s side tire
  2. The underside of the steering column
  3. The original components of the car
  4. On the firewall inside the engine

If you can’t find the VIN code, you should contact the manufacturer or the mechanics that worked on the car previously.

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Why Do I Need To Check A Classic Car VIN?

You need to compare the VIN on the car’s title to the VIN on the car to find out if they match. If they don’t match that means:

  1. The car possibly has some accidental damage. If the dealership tries to hide the car’s history, you should find out why or consider buying your car from somewhere else. 
  2. Sometimes if the car goes through a major rebuild then the VIN number may not match. As different parts of the car are taken from multiple models for a rebuild. 
  3. Another reason for the VIN number not matching the title could mean the car has been stolen and has a fake title. 

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What Else Should Be Covered In A Classic Car Inspection Checklist?

Here is a list of what should be covered in a car inspection checklist:

  1. Body: check for panel gaps, rough edges, or bumps. 
  2. Paint: inspect the paint for bubbles or damages.
  3. Glass: check the condition of the glass, rubber seals, and trim.
  4. Interior: check the condition of the fabric, upholstery, instruments, and controls. 
  5. Undercarriage and Suspension: inspect the condition of the wheels, tires, exhaust, and any signs of rust or damage.
  6. Engine: consider the running conditions, components, and any repairs. 

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Brand new l200 mitsubishi bangladesh

Brand new l200 mitsubishi bangladesh

What Should I Look For When I Test Drive A Classic Car?

Before purchasing a car you need to take it for a test drive to check if it’s operational and street legal. Drive at various speeds to evaluate how it accelerates, breaks, and corners. Pay attention to the unusual sounds or smells or how the car handles well at highway speeds. 

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Benefits Of Vehicle Inspection Before Buying

A car inspection allows you to know if the vehicle is actually worth the price. Sometimes dealers quote a price that’s higher than the car’s actually worth. 

A thorough assessment of the car opens the door to negotiations. If the inspection reveals multiple issues then you can’t be easily lured into overpaying.

A car inspection can provide a full picture of how the maintenance cost will be for the purchased car. Even if the car operates fine during the inspection, you still need to watch out for the worn-out filters, brake pads, or tires.

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Final Thought: 

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