Online Car Shopping During Social Distancing

You might think that the COVID-19 restrictions like social distancing may kill the dealership. But in reality, it’s quite the opposite. The whole thing only sped up the changes that were already in motion before the pandemic hit. 


According to many salespeople, consumers feel more comfortable in their cozy, safe, and intimate environment and are likely to spend money more willingly. So online car shopping during the social distancing will not kill car dealerships but will increase sales in the long run. 


Online Car Shopping For Brand New Cars Bangladesh: Do Your Homework


Decide what type of car suits your need the most. Whether it’s an SUV, truck, or van that fits your lifestyle the most or how you want your car to be equipped, you need to figure that out first. Up to this point, you are not buying anything yet. You are only window shopping. So you don’t have to be overwhelmed with all the options and equipment. That’s why it’s better to go for online searching than in-person research. And because of COVID-19 restrictions, this is the only option available now. 


Online Car Shopping For Brand New Cars In Bangladesh: Choose A Dealership That Offers Home-Delivery 


During your research, you will find that a lot of those dealership offers at-home delivery options. And their policies include other services like virtual trade-in valuations and paperwork. But it’s worth mentioning that such virtual services may become logistically challenging if you live far away. 


So you must make sure to specifically ask if any part of the purchasing process requires your physical presence. For example, some dealers require their customers’ in-person signatures on important paperwork. 


Even though online car shopping is largely virtual, it still might involve a socially distanced meet-up at the end. But this is a lot less risky than an in-person alternative. 


Online Car Shopping For Brand New Cars Bangladesh: Negotiating The Deal 


Regardless of the particularities on home delivery service, the negotiation process is usually always virtual. You can always negotiate through email and exclusively ask about all the out-the-door prices like taxes and fees for your situation. 


While negotiating, avoid discussing the monthly payments if you are planning on financing the car. If asked then you can simply mention that you are only looking to negotiate the out-the-door price and you will discuss financing separately. Make sure to secure preapproved financing from your bank and discuss the financing process with your dealership only when you are done negotiating the car price. This way you will likely receive better terms. 


Online Car Shopping For Brand New Cars In Bangladesh: Be Aware Of The Dealership Offers On Websites


Car dealerships often roll out discounts to move inventory. But these deals might not always work out for you. Even though 0% financing may sound like a hot deal, it still comes with a lot of restrictions to qualify for such deals. Even when you do qualify, it might still have other strings attached. That’s why don’t let these deals sway away your decision-making and stick to your price range. Make sure you know your credit score and look for financing that will help you strick a good deal online. 


Online Car Shopping For Brand New Cars Bangladesh: Have A Backup Plan


If you fall in love with a car so much that you decide it’s the only model you want then you will only put yourself at the mercy of the dealer. So it’s always a good idea to make a better plan. With having a second option in mind, you can put up a strong negotiation and the salesperson will not be able to push unnecessary charges on your purchase. 


Online Car Shopping For Brand New Cars In Bangladesh: Test-drive Option


It’s only understandable if you feel uncomfortable signing on the deal without taking a proper test-drive of the car you are considering buying. Purchasing a car through a proper test drive can save you from financial risk and can also help you uncover any irregularities the car might have. 


In response to COVID-19 restrictions, many dealerships are offering test-drive service along with their home delivery service for a specific block of time to let you get a feel of the car before signing the deal. 


Even though it requires near-interactions with the delivery driver, it’s still a lot better option than in-person car shopping. If you can make sure to perform your own sanitization process properly and it should be fine. 


Online Car Shopping For Brand New Cars Bangladesh: Return Policies


Sometimes dealerships don’t offer test-drive service. In those cases, you might fail to discover a major flaw even after the most exhaustive research. That’s why you need to narrow down a list of dealerships who at least offer a return policy even when they don’t have a test-drive service. They might require a nominal fee and a policy of being able to return the car after a certain period of time but it still saves you from financial risk. 


Online Car Shopping For Brand New Cars In Bangladesh: Associated Delivery Cost


Even though home-delivery service is appreciated during this COVID-19 restrictions, it still comes with a price. The home-delivery service of a car can be pretty expensive. So before taking this service, you need to consider the associated cost that comes with the home-delivery service. And the cost may increase depending on how far away you live from the dealership area. 


The Wrap Up: 


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