Outlander PHEV

 Electric and More

More Capable than Ever Before

Experience driving pleasure at a whole new level with the Plug-in Hybrid EV SUV. Motors at each axle and an efficiently powerful petrol engine work together to optimise performance for driving needs. Enjoy new adventures as well as the daily commute with the new OUTLANDER PHEV’s responsive control and quiet comfort.


Refined and spacious comfort

Refined and Spacious Comfort

Enter an oasis of comfort and refinement where driving pleasure is enhanced by generous legroom, luxurious amenities and a supremely quiet ride. Front seats provide body-hugging support around corners. All seats are meticulously finished with high-quality material, and the rear seatbacks can be folded to flexibly meet your changing luggage needs.

Innovation with a performance edge

Innovation with a Performance Edge

Dramatic refinement has come to the innovative Plug-in Hybrid EV system, which now features a higher-output rear motor, a more fuel-efficient engine and more sophisticated power management based on unrivaled experience for supreme silence, smoothness and torque.

Tomorrow’s efficiency, today

Tomorrow’s Efficiency, Today

The innovative Plug-in Hybrid EV system is remarkably eco efficient. Enjoy zero fuel consumption and zero CO₂ emissions during all-electric driving — as well as an incredibly quiet ride. Or enter a hybrid mode to travel even greater distances with low emissions and high fuel efficiency. You can even generate electricity as you drive to enjoy vast stretches of wilderness with total confidence.

More capable than ever before

More Capable than Ever Before

Experience driving pleasure at a whole new level with the Plug-in Hybrid EV SUV. Motors at each axle and an efficiently powerful petrol engine work together to optimise performance for driving needs. Enjoy new adventures as well as the daily commute with the new OUTLANDER PHEV’s responsive control and quiet comfort.


The new face of mitsubishi

The new face of Mitsubishi

The Dynamic Shield Design concept powerfully expresses the notion of high performance promise and a sense of protection – for botht the passengers and passerby. Dynamic Shield Design has evolved over generations of Mitsubishi vehicles and the current iteration is the embodiment of form following function.

Led headlamps with daytime running light

LED Headlamps with Daytime Running Light

The stylish new headlamps feature LED lighting for both the high and low beams.

Electric sunroof

Electric Sunroof

A sunroof with tilt, sliding and antitrapping features lets you bring in the sunlight and fresh air.

Led fog lamps

LED Fog Lamps

The LED fog lamps illuminate the road ahead with white light.

Electric tailgate

Electric Tailgate

The tailgate can be opened and closed automatically from a switch located near the driver’s seat.

18 inch alloy wheel

18 inch Alloy Wheel

18 inch Alloy Wheels offer proper ground clearance in every road.

Phev red diamond brand new car mitsubishi bangladesh

  • Phev white pearl 1 1 brand new car mitsubishi bangladesh
  • White Pearl
  • Phev quartz brown 1 brand new car mitsubishi bangladesh
  • Quartz Brown
  • Phev red diamond 1 brand new car mitsubishi bangladesh
  • Red Diamond
  • Phev ruby black pearl 1 brand new car mitsubishi bangladesh
  • Ruby Black Pearlc
  • Phev titanium gr ey 1 brand new car mitsubishi bangladesh
  • Titanium Grey


3. 0 3. 4 ph brand new car mitsubishi bangladesh

2.4 Liter Supremely Efficient Engine

The supremely efficient Atkinson-cycle engine with long expansion stroke provides high fuel economy and low CO₂ emissions

Front Motor PDU & Rear EMCU

These intelligent control units contribute to heightened energy efficiency and optimal motor control with instant maximum torque that outperforms a 3.0-litre petrol engine.

Drive Battery

The large-capacity 13.8kWh battery is stored under the floor to maximise interior space and lower the centre of gravity for improved safety and handling. Stored electricity can also be used to power external appliances.

Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC)

This integrated control system, only available from Mitsubishi Motors, delivers incredible power and control. By optimally managing AYC (Active Yaw Control), ABS (Anti-lock braking system) and Active Stability Control [ASC] with Traction Control [TCL], it brings out the full potential of Twin Motor 4WD without compromising safety, comfort or fuel efficiency.

EV Drive Mode: Electric power only

The motors power the vehicle using electricity from the battery, resulting in zero fuel consumption and zero CO₂ emissions. This drive mode is quiet, clean and powerful. Maximum speed is 135 km/h.

Informative power meter

Informative Power Meter 

What is the status of the engine? The motor? The power meter indicates energy usage, regenerative power, engine power (kW), EV output and more for easy confirmation.

Easy Charging Mechanism

Simply connect the OUTLANDER PHEV with a power outlet at home to charge the drive battery. You can charge while sleeping in around five and a half hours* with the onboard charger and charging cable. Or use the quick charger to charge in as little as 25 minutes (up to 80% capacity) at commercial charging facilities. Charging status is conveniently displayed on the instrument panel.

Twin motor 4wd performance

Twin Motor 4WD Performance

Separately mounted motors at the front and rear axles deliver incredibly responsive 4WD performance with AWC ensuring excellent driving stability and intuitive, linear handling.

Ev priority mode

EV Priority Mode

Press the EV switch to enter the EV Priority Mode and help prevent the engine from starting*. It allows you to manually select all-electric driving via Twin Motor 4WD for zero fuel consumption and a quiet ride without engine noise.

Eco score

Eco Score

Indicates the eco-friendliness of your driving. The more green leaves, the better.

Eco mode

Eco Mode

Press for more energy-efficient use of the motors, engine and air conditioning.


Cruise Control

Maintains a selected distance between your vehicle and the car ahead via radar for greater safety and peace of mind. It reduces driver stress especially during traffic jams on highways.

Charging cable storage

Charging Cable Storage

A storage space beneath the rear luggage area floor is ideal for conveniently storing the charging cable

Keyless operation system

Keyless Operation System

When carrying the key, you can press a button on the outside of the front doors or tailgate to lock or unlock all the doors and tailgate, and press the power switch in the cockpit to start the Plug-in Hybrid EV System.

Ultrasonic misacceleration mitigation system

Ultrasonic Misacceleration Mitigation System

To help prevent collisions while parking, a buzzer sounds and a warning displays if front or rear sensors detect a nearby obstacle. Motor output is also controlled if you suddenly accelerate by accident.

Automatic High Beams

To increase safety, comfort and driving ease at night, the high beams automatically switch to low beams when vehicles are detected ahead and automatically switch back to high beams so you don’t have to remove your hand from the steering wheel to switch the beams manually.

Multi around monitor

Multi Around Monitor

The views from cameras mounted on the front, rear and sides of the vehicle (including a bird’s-eye view) can be displayed in various combinations to reveal what is in blind spots and help you park more safely.

Bluetooth hands-free kit

Bluetooth Hands-free Kit

Keep in touch while keeping safely in control with the hands-free kit. Link your Bluetooth®- compatible mobile phone, and the voice activated dialer lets you make calls while holding the wheel.

Electric parking brake with brake auto hold

Electric Parking Brake with Brake Auto Hold

The parking brake on the floor console is easy to operate via stylish switch. Simply pull the switch up to apply the parking brake or push the switch down to release it. While stopping at a stoplight, Brake Auto Hold keeps the vehicle stationary even if you release your foot from the brake pedal. Pressing the accelerator releases the brakes

Mp3 player

MP3 Player

A quality CD/MP3 player enables easy connection with a digital audio player for listening pleasure.

Rear vents

Rear Vents

Adjustable vents are provided in the rear console to keep rear passengers comfortable.

Mitsubishi power sound system

Mitsubishi Power Sound System

Mitsubishi Power Sound System” (MPSS) is an original sound system of Mitsubishi motors, pursuing Clean, Smooth and Fresh sound. All of the components, such as amplifier and speakers are exclusively developed to realize excellent sound


Model code




Wheel Drive






Length x Width x Height

4,695 x 1,800 x 1,710 mm


2,670 mm



Front mm

1,540 mm

Rear mm

1,540 mm

Ground clearance mm

190 mm

Curb weight Total

1,880 kg

Curb weight Front

1,020 kg

Curb weight Rear

860 kg

Gross vehicle

2,390 kg

Gross vehicle  Front

1,200 kg

Gross vehicle  Rear

1,255 kg

Seating capacity

5 Persons



Max. speed

170 km/h

Electric consumption


Full charge

Min. charge

215 Wh /km

44 Wh /km


161 Wh /km

Electric driving

55 km

Minimum turning

5.3 m





Total Displacement

2360 cc

Bore x stroke

88 x 97 mm

Compression ratio


Max. output (EEC)

94(128)/4500 kW(PS)/rpm

Max. torque (EEC)

199(20.3)/4500 N・m(kgf・m)/rpm



Fuel supply equipment

Electronically Controlled Injection

Fuel tank capacity

45 Litre





Total voltage

300 V


13.8 kWh

Number of cells






Output Rated

25 kW

Output Rated Max

60(82) k W ( P S )


137(14.0) N・m(kgf・m)



Regular charging (AC 230V 10A)

Approx. 5.5 hr

Quick charging (for 80 % charge)

Approx. 25 min




Rack and pinion with electric power assist




Macpherson strut






Ventilated disc brakes (2-pot)


Solid disc brakes

Brake booster size

10" vacuum booster



Tires (front and rear) Standard


Wheels (front and rear) Standard

18'' x 7J alloy

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Rancon Arcade, 1, Shahid Abdul Halim Road, GEC Crossing, Chattogram.

Khulna Dealership:
Car Imperial, B-27
Majid Sharani, Shonadanga, Khulna

Bogura Dealership:
Paiker Plaza, Borogola
Rangpur Road, Bogura.


Excellent Sales Growth Award by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation for the year 2010, 2011, and 2012


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