Mitsubishi Xpander Review 2021: The Best Affordable Car In The Market

High-priced consumer products such as cars are discouraged in a developing country like Bangladesh. As per this country’s living standard, the car industry is not locally well built yet. This vehicle sector is totally dependent on foreign imports. Additionally, the imposed tax is very high on brand new cars. As a result, the brand new car price in Bangladesh is quite high.

Almost all the famous brands in the vehicle industry are doing business in Bangladesh. But the demand for new cars is still quite low. Very recently some affordable new cars became popular in the market. Especially, it created quite a hype among the middle or upper-middle-class people. And that’s where the Mitsubishi Xpander comes to the spotlight. 

With all the government-imposed tax on brand new cars, the brand new car price in Bangladesh is always changing. And that’s why affordable cars like Mitsubishi Xpander are making their mark in the car market in Bangladesh. 

How To Find The Right Car For You Depending On The Brand New Car Price In Bangladesh:

Let’s take a look at how you can find the exact car that will fulfill your every demand for the upcoming years? You will need a little research and planning according to your budget. 

Your needs:

The ‘perfect car’ depends on what you need from your car and your personality. Some of us like our car to be fashionable and want to make a statement with it. Some like to go on weekend drives with the family. Others need cars for daily duties and offices. Some points you should take into considerations are:

  • The number of passengers.
  • Types of the road you drive to-highway, off-road, etc.
  • Long drives, all-wheel drive.
  • Features like – backup camera, leather seats, car play, etc.
  • Safety features- blindspot monitoring, lane departure warning, emergency braking, etc.
  • Cargo capacity.
  • Children’s car seats.
  • Size of parking space 

Your Budget:

As we have already discussed at the beginning of the article, the brand new car price in Bangladesh always fluctuates. That’s why your budget will have a huge impact on deciding the right car for you. You have to decide whether you want to pay in cash or in installments. If you are buying in EMI or monthly installments you should keep that within your limit so you can afford fuel costs too.

Why Mitsubishi Xpander Is The Perfect Car For You:

The Xpander is a spacious seven-seater car introduced in 2019 by Mitsubishi. Let’s take a loot some of the cool features of this car:


The Mitsubishi Xpander has a muscular presence for its dynamic-shield concept of Mitsubishi. It strongly focuses on safety. 


1.5-liter MIVEC engine mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission. The Mitsubishi Xpander churns out 130hp and 141n.m of torque, which is good enough to drive the family around with ease.


The ride is comfortable due to specially designed shock absorbers. It absorbs the tiniest bumps, jerks which ensures a pleasant ride experience. It has a high ground clearance of 205mm and a 5.2m turning radius. So maneuvering the Mitsubishi Xpander around the town or urban area is smooth sailing. 


The Mitsubishi Xpander will give you a roomy and spacious experience. It has 7 adjustable seats with plenty of legroom. The 2nd & 3rd-row can be folded which expands the luggage capacity. It has insulation all around that deadens all road noises & vibrations. The dual air-conditioner keeps the inside real cool. 

Quirks & Gadgets:

Mitsubishi Xpander is built with all the latest features like a 7″ touchscreen head unit, Bluetooth, smartphone connectivity, 6 surround speakers, driver-friendly features like-, a rearview camera, keyless operating system. Total three 12V power outlets on each row to keep your phone charged or to listen to music. 

Safety Measures:  

Mitsubishi Xpander is uncompromising with regard to safety. The body is built with high-quality steel to absorb shock that reduces the risk of injuries. It has pretensions, SRS airbags, and ABS to ensure minimal defacement. .

Final Thought:

Lastly, if you are looking for a family wagon that stands out but is convenient, then the Mitsubishi Xpander car is for you. With the fluctuating brand new car price in Bangladesh, Mitsubishi Xpander is a blessing for the car market in Bangladesh.

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